About Us

Second Scout® is designed by Brisbane Mum of two young children and first in line for anything that can make life a little less chaotic.

When my eldest daughter was younger, tasks like teeth brushing and helping to pack away was an everyday struggle...despite my best efforts to practice patience amongst the 427 reminders!

It got me thinking, what if I used pictures to help her? Hey presto! It worked. We had clean teeth, socks in the sock drawer and train sets put away, without me sounding like a broken record!

I knew I had to share this winning combo with others craving calm amongst the chaos, and that's when Second Scout®  was born! Our designs are big people pleasers too, carefully curated for the most interior-conscious amongst us. The simple, modern designs and quality materials ensure you’ll want to show them off rather than hide them away.

Megan x
Second Scout Owner & Co-creator of two adorable humans