At Second Scout, we are obsessed with making life easier for families.

We all know that many hands make light work, so we've designed picture helpers that bring the whole family on board, including the littlest (and stickiest!) of hands.

Perfect for children who can't read, our cleverly designed tactile routine helpers, planners and home organisation solutions can be interpreted with ease.

The original concealed magnetic timber picture helpers by Second Scout® are not only practical, but a welcome edition for the interior-conscious too.

We don't test on animals, but we do test on precious little people (including our own!) and big people like parents, carers, early childhood experts, Occupational Therapists & Speech Therapists.

Icon of boy and girl

Perfect for children and pre-readers

Speech bubble icon containing a heart in the centre

Loved by whole families

Koala icon

Designed by Australian mum of two

Gift box icon

Great for gifting

Thumbs up icon

Empowers and promotes independence

Tree trunk and branch icon

Crafted from sustainably grown timber